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Fans feeling fantastic about San Diego Comic Con's return

Where else can you see a Steampunk character, Aquaman and Moon Knight just hanging out? San Diego Comic-Con, of course!

They and tens of thousands of their friends are back in person for the first time since 2019 when the pandemic put the brakes on this four-day multi-genre entertainment convention.

Valentino Macias from Bonita has been coming to Comic-Con since he was seven years old. He’s 18 now and glad to be back to an event that means so much.


"It’s like having a best friend and they have to go away for momentarily and since," he said. "It means that you’re able to be the characters or the people that you grew up with that helped you throughout your lifetime."

Christian Ramos from Texas said he can’t believe he’s back in San Diego where the weather is perfect at the event he loves. He couldn't wait to step inside the convention center and take everything in.

"I’m just getting goosebumps even thinking about how amazing this place is and how special this little section of San Diego is to all of us," Ramos said.

Everyone will have to be vaccinated or show proof of a negative test and wear a mask indoors.

Rebecca Eusey from Chula Vista has been coming to Comic-Con for years. She said incorporating a mask in cosplay is not easy but she’s up for the challenge.


"Spiderman and Deadpool they have it easy, right? It’s all built in. But for the rest of us it’s a real challenge to our creativity how would I incorporate a mask into what I’m wearing?" she said adding that she got extra creative with her six costumes.

"Everyone of my different cosplays, I handmade all six of them, all of them have a handmade mask with a KN95 inside," Eusey said.

The event officially goes from Thursday through Sunday with industry events throughout the city. Eusey had some advice for first timers: "Drink lots and lots of water, wear comfortable shoes and be the light you want to be in the universe."

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