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What to drink when you're not drinking

Photo of AleSmith Brewing Company non-alcoholic IPA pint and 6-pack
Courtesy photo, AleSmith Brewing Company
AleSmith Brewing Company
An undated photo of AleSmith Brewing Company non-alcoholic IPA pint and 6-pack

For many, the start of the new year marks a time for renewed goals, which sometimes include healthier habits. And for some, this means participating in Dry January: a monthlong abstention from alcohol; a detox, perhaps, from overindulgences during the holidays.

One way to keep on track is by drinking non-alcoholic alternatives to regular beer, wine and spirits. Before you stop reading in disgust, Beth Demmon, a San Diego-based drinks writer and podcaster said, these products have gotten exponentially better in recent years, and continue to improve. Even local craft breweries, like AleSmith are getting into the game by offering its first non-alcoholic IPA.

Drinking is a social activity, and these alternatives can help people stay connected while cutting back— or quitting — drinking.


Demmon joined KPBS Midday Edition on Wednesday to talk about the rise of non-alcoholic beverages and where to find them in San Diego.

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