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Local group holds a special rally in honor of Iranian women on International Women's Day

San Diego Iranians Group holds rally for International Women's Day.jpg
Melissa Mae
The San Diego Iranians Group stands around a large 'Freedom for Iran' sign holding flags and signs in honor of International Women's Day in downtown San Diego on March 8, 2023.

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a global holiday that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

It also marks a call to action for gender parity and women’s equality.

The occasion was marked in downtown San Diego today with a special rally to support Iranian women. Organizers call it the “Women, Life, Freedom” movement.


BiBi Kasrai is a spokesperson for the San Diego Iranians Group.

“It's a day of solidarity— of women who give life,” Kasrai said. “Our slogan is 'Woman, Life, Freedom.' Women want a good life. They want freedom and they want unity and support of the world. And on this day we are counting on you to be our support, because women of Iran are not only fighting for their own rights but they're fighting for your rights as well.”

The group has held 30 rallies in San Diego since Masah Amini died in the custody of Iranian police last year. The rallies are usually held on weekends.

“We do it for those who have lost. For the girls who have lost their eyes; they get shot in the eye. For the girls who have acid on their face because a strand of hair is showing,” Kasrai said. “We are doing it for the 9-year-old who got killed. We are doing it for the mothers whose kids are shot. We are doing it for the mothers whose kids are killed at night, and they have to go borrow ice to preserve their kid’s body.”

The movement will continue to be the voice of the women of Iran.


“They don't have much outlets to project their voice and the government makes them feel gaslighted, like there is no support. We have pledged that as long as they are there and they are being killed, executed in prison, we are going to be their voices outside of Iran, the entire diaspora,” Kasrai said.

Kasrai wanted to share this message to those in Iran, “To the people of Iran, women of Iran, we are with you. To the women of the world, we want you to be with us. Women of Iran can and you can help us, that's the message.”