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Chula Vista community schools provide a new pair of glasses and support for students

In the South Bay, there are some elementary school students with much better sight, now able to see and complete their homework clearly.

The students received a free eye exam and a new pair of glasses from the Vision To Learn organization, which offers support to low-income families.

This is one of the newest benefits of community school learning in the Chula Vista Elementary School District.


Breeza Catalan, 7, was struggling in first grade, but this semester her learning in second grade will be different.

“When I was looking at the screen to do homework, I couldn’t see and it looked all blurry. But now, when I have these glasses, I can look closer," she said.

Vision To Learn is one of the many community partners the Chula Vista Elementary School District is working with this school year.

The district designated Palomar Elementary and Harborside Elementary as community school campuses. That means they are fully funded with state money and partnerships that provide support and services beyond regular school programs.

Josh Kohler is the district's community school coordinator.


“Community school means transforming our schools into that community hub where we are centered around student and family well-being. So we share decision-making with the entire community where student, family and staff voices all come together to make the decisions," Kohler said.

Harborside Elementary will provide students with new computer classes, music instruction and even yoga. Whatever it takes to nurture the whole child.

The Chula Vista District has applied to the state to fund nine of its other campuses next year to become community schools.

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