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Construction begins on Fallbrook's first 'all-wheel' park

On Wednesday, San Diego County and community leaders broke ground on Fallbrook's Village View County Park.

The seven-acre space off of Golden Road and East Fallbrook Street will feature nature trails, picnic areas, a kids playground, dog park, and an "all-wheel" park — meaning it will cater to more than just skateboarders.

"That took local activism. And we all stand behind the mission. We’ve stood behind it for 20 years that local communities need active recreation areas set apart for our youth," said Sean O’Callaghan, the president of Fallbrook Skatepark Inc.


For the last 20 years, the organization has dedicated itself to bringing a skatepark to Fallbrook after youth were getting in trouble for skating near businesses.

"If my youth was into football, they wouldn't be getting in trouble. If my youth was (into) track and field … they wouldn't be getting into trouble," said O'Callaghan. "But because his sport of choice is skating ..." 

Part of the organization's mission is to make Fallbrook’s skate park accessible to all.

"The terminology 'skatepark' … is like 'Kleenex' with a tissue, right? It's what you call it. But hopefully you incorporate the BMX riders and the roller skate riders, and the scooter riders, and the wheelchair riders, disabled riders of all kinds," O'Callaghan explained.     

But what took so long to make this project happen? O'Callaghan said its the funding.


Brian Albright, the director of parks and recreation for the county, said there's currently $300 million in unfunded, approved projects in San Diego.

"Projects don't get funded and move forward ... unless there's strong community support and partnership," Albright said. "I haven't seen ... a project with as much local enthusiasm as support as this."   

The cost for the new park is $13.7 million and Albright said half of the funding came from donations.

Construction is expected to be complete by the spring of 2025.

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