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Will Cruise Ship Season Be Profitable For San Diego?

Cruise ships in the Port of San Diego.
Port of San Diego
Cruise ships in the Port of San Diego.
Cruise Ship Season In San Diego
The cruise ship industry has taken a hit, and that's affected San Diego. We look at whether the situation has improved as 'cruise season' gets underway. GUESTSBob Nelson, Commissioner, Port of San Diego

The Port of San Diego is ushering in the start of Cruise Season. Three ships carrying more than 6,000 passengers arrive in port today.

Earlier this year when Midday Edition talked about San Diego's cruise ship industry, the news was more somber. Carnival Cruise lines had just announced it was pulling one of its ships from homeport in San Diego.

Tonight Dwane Brown will continue the conversation about cruise ships and the San Diego tourist economy.

That news came on the heels of a dramatic decline in the overall cruise ship industry in San Diego. Today we'll find out if the situation is improving.