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KPBS Midday Edition

Roundtable: San Onofre Offline, Sunrise Powerlink And Teacher Union Concessions

Roundtable: Friday, June 15
On Midday Edition Roundtable we look at where the energy will come from with San Onofre nuclear power plant offline, SDG&E and the Sunrise Powerlink, plus talks between the teacher's union and SDUSD.
GUEST:Adam Townsend, Editor, in San Clemente Erik Anderson, KPBS Business and Environment reporter Kyla Calvert, KPBS Education reporter

San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant:

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station has been offline since the end of January and this week it was confirmed the plant will be down through the summer. Adam Townsend, the editor of in San Clemente, and Erik Anderson, KPBS' business and environment reporter, explain what's happening at the plant and how San Diegans will get through the summer months without that source of power.



As repairs continue and regulators monitor the situation at San Onofre, San Diego Gas and Electric announced yesterday there will be enough power to get through the summer. The energy company said the Sunrise Powerlink project will help keep the lights on without San Onofre through the summer.

San Diego Unified School District:

Late last week the teachers union agreed to limited bargaining with the San Diego Unified School district. Those talks will most likely center on concessions the district hopes the union will make to help some of the 1,500 laid off teachers keep their jobs.