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Inside The San Diego Humane Society's Kitten Nursery

A kitten is pictured, March 23, 2015.
San Diego Humane Society
A kitten is pictured, March 23, 2015.

Kitten season is ramping up at the San Diego Humane Society.

Kitten season begins in the spring, peaks in the summer and winds down in the fall. It is the time of year when cats give birth.

Stacy Archambault, the Humane Society's marketing communications specialist, said the nonprofit's kitten nursery has six cats with their newborn kittens and 28 orphaned kittens under 4 weeks old. In total, the society's shelter is housing more than 50 kittens, she said.

The Humane Society's kitten nursery provides newborn kittens with 24-hour care. The nursery was one of the first of its kind and is a model for other shelters, the Humane Society said.

Inside San Diego Humane Society's Kitten Nursery:

You can also see inside the nursery by watching the live kitten cam.

WATCH: San Diego Humane Society's Kitten Cam

KPBS is using the start of kitten season to rebroadcast Wednesday a Midday Edition segment on the language of cats.

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