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Clinton Focuses On Trump As She Continues California Campaign Swing

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign rally Sunday evening at Sacramento City College.
Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign rally Sunday evening at Sacramento City College.

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Supporters attend a rally for Hillary Clinton at Sacramento City College on June 5, 2016.
Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio
Supporters attend a rally for Hillary Clinton at Sacramento City College on June 5, 2016.
Clinton Focuses On Trump As She Continues California Campaign Swing
Clinton Focuses On Trump As She Continues California Campaign Swing GUESTS: Michael Vu, registrar of voters, San Diego County Ruben Barrales, president, Grow Elect Laura Fink, political consultant, Fink & Hernandez Consulting

Democratic residential Clintons Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders making one last push in California before tomorrow's primary. The candidates had a busy week and traveling up and down the state, urging supporters to get out and vote. I want to finish strong here in California. It means the world to me. Real change never takes place unless millions of people are prepared to make that change. What are the best strategies for Clinton and Sanders in these final hours before the election and will California really decide the Democratic nomination. John Mina political consultants move them -- Ruben Barrales president and CEO of GROW ELECT helping to elect Latino Republicans and join us again is Laura Fink with Fink & Hernandez Consulting Welcome. Thank U. Let's start with you, Laura what kind of effect do these last-minute campaign stops have? I think it enables candidates to continue to refine -- refine their message and in this instance projected onto a national statement we know trumps candidacy at this point is a done deal but the fight and action is really in California so even though it is nominal, he can continue to capture the national spotlight similarly we saw Hillary Tibbett this week and focus also on national issues, national election ahead -- picnic this week so she does it with California as a backdrop. On the Democratic side, on their undecided voters they need to be swayed in the last hours? They are always are but the key for the campaign is to get their voters to the polls and get them voting and that is where the energy will be spent. Amazing you talk about Clinton's pivoting, everyone assumed to mourn -- too much ago Republicans will fight it out in California and Democratic race would be settled, amazing out things change quickly. The Clinton campaign thought they had California in the bag and realized last week they need to spend more time here it will be an interesting finish but I think Clinton probably has the advantage. Ruben, in your opinion which candidate do you think needs to build more of the last-minute enthusiasm among voters? On the Democratic side, they both do in terms of enthusiasm but Bernie Sanders wants to continue in his revolution he needs a strong showing in California next Laura? Bernie Sanders problems as tactical see needs to get independent voters to disagree to request the right ballot is logistical and the question is that the have resources to make the games that's what gives Clinton the edge in the final days -- days as independent voters that may not have the right ballot and he doesn't have the dollars to make sure they do. What you're talking is what they call the ground game. Getting out the vote. So from what you are saying it sounds as if you believe Clinton has that better ground game? If she has the ground game and place and Bernie has forced her to spend more dollars. I found curious the narrative. I don't know if you remember but Hillary Clinton was behind in delegates, etc., in 2008 and she won California by number eight points and it was not a peep about it being been that mail over Barack Obama hobbling into conventions I think we have to examine the perspective by which we look at this. She will be the presumptive nominee, the math argues that firmly, no matter what happens in California but I do think she squeaks it out and has the objects -- had the edge Sanders is turning into a different candidate then Hillary Clinton was an 2008. He's been talking about contested convention this week. What would that be like? I do not know on the Democratic side what it would be like that the question is does he keep momentum, enthusiasm going and I'm a Clinton said they would want to capture that a transfer that to the Clinton campaign moving into the fall. I don't know what Sanders and goal is the butt of it is to influence the platform that I think he's doing a good job. Everybody's been doing saying that it's to influence the platform do you think it is something more now Rex he did really only join the party that the strength of the apparatus he knew he needed that to run for president after 30 years he did not the fit to join analogously was to change the platform and he was to secure more influence and also have to figure out a way, how busy channel energy and support into other victories, over policy issues and candidates that may share his ideology and moving the party left. This is his last chance to do that and galvanize the voices because after the nomination is secured by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama will begin to campaign for her and he will receive from the spotlight so he's capitalizing on his last moments and the SUN. Laura you made the observation that Clinton has been running against Trump for at least a couple of weeks and not mentioning Bernie Sanders. Is that a good strategic groove -- move? Absolutely you cannot hit someone with beloved and articulating the threat, taking advantage of the time that we have before the convention so that she can squarely draw a clear contrast and puts the Republicans hopefully in her mind on the defensive so they have to deal with that rather than having the luxury of still having a contested Democratic primary while they began to unify. Speaking Of Donald Trump, Ruben, with the results of the GOP presidential primary, will they tell us in California anything about his strength as a candidate? I do not think it will be very illustrative although I would be curious if he got less than 75% of the vote. They would show that the Republicans are still looking for an alternative. It will be interesting. The dynamics are different in June than they will be in November, but if I were on his team he would want strong showing of Republican voters, it's a closed primary. May have a clear choice to vote for trouble or some other names on the ballot. Do you think this will affect the number of Republican voters who come out and vote in this primary? I think so. Yes, generally Democrats have the advantage now in June and November they will as well. Looking forward to November, I do think Trump will affect the Latino vote in California? I do not have to look to November. I just remembered in 1994 and beyond with proposition 187 California. And what that rhetoric does is drives Latino voters generally to the Democratic party away from Republicans and sets up a generation of Latino voters were coming of age coming of voting age is starting to both and turns them off in the Republican brand. That is I think the biggest long-term impact problem of Trump's candidacy for the Republican Party. Is your job is to average to the Latino community as a Republican, how are you going to do that? We will do what we've been doing is focusing on local races, state races and the Republican brand will have to withstand if it can Donald Trump presidency in November but I caution Republican friends, you can win a battle and lose a war, prop 187 won the past but since then Republicans have been a minority in California and the same is happening I am seeing national with the Trump candidacy. I have been speaking with Laura Fink with the Fink & Hernandez Consulting and Fink & Hernandez Consulting president and CEO of GROW ELECT . Election day is tomorrow and you can find out about candidates and issues with the KPBS voter guide find it at find / election.

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigned furiously throughout California this weekend ahead of Tuesday's primary. Clinton wrapped up with a rally in Sacramento Sunday night.


Clinton gave her standard stump speech - about half an hour - before a full house at the Sacramento City College gymnasium.

"I want to finish strong here in California," Clinton told the crowd estimated at 1,500 people, not counting a modest overflow group outside. "It means the world to me."

Among the crowd were Ashley Spalding and Chris Skidmore. They're both in their late 20s - an age group that has overwhelmingly supported Bernie Sanders. But they're 100 percent for Hillary.

"She's practical and has good ideas of how to actually get things done compared to some policies that Sanders has that sometimes don't economically make sense," Skidmore said.

"It might sound great, but there's not a realistic plan in place," added Spalding.


Polls show Clinton's big lead over Bernie Sanders in California has all but disappeared. But Clinton did not mention Sanders at all during her speech - a sharp contrast to all the times she called out Donald Trump.

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UPDATE: 6:05 p.m., June 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton is wrapping up a full weekend of California campaign stops with a rally at Sacramento City College.

The former Secretary of State is fighting to hold off Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in Tuesday's Democratic presidential primary in California and five other states.

Polls show Clinton's once-large lead over Sanders in California has eroded to a statistical tie.

Clinton could well cross the delegate threshold needed to clinch the Democratic nomination before California polls close Tuesday - although the Sanders campaign argues that superdelegates should not be counted because they could change their minds.

Yet, a Sanders win in California could blunt Clinton's momentum as she tries to pivot to the general election against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Sanders has hardly left the state over the last few weeks and is holding massive rallies in Southern California and the Bay Area ahead of Tuesday's primary. Hillary and Bill Clinton have made several trips here too and have campaigned in California the last few days. 

Both candidates have events planned Monday. Sanders will hold an election night event in Los Angeles Tuesday, while Clinton will return to her home base of New York.

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will give a speech at Sacramento City College on Sunday for a "get out the vote" rally. It's just one of the many events she has planned in California ahead Tuesday's primary.

Clinton is expected to speak around 6 p.m. at the college's North Gym.

Polls show in the lead up to June 7 that Clinton and her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, are in a tight race in the Golden State. The former secretary of state has been campaigning aggressively in California. 

Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have also made recent stops in the Sacramento region.