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Roundtable: On To November, Election Roundup

Roundtable: On To November, Election Roundup
Roundtable: On To November, Election Roundup
Rountable: Election Roundup, On To November PANEL: JW August, investigative producer, NBC 7 San Diego Lisa Halverstadt, government reporter, Voice of San Diego Michael Smolens, columnist, San Diego Union-Tribune Alison St John, North County reporter, KPBS News

Election Roundup

As the dust settles on Tuesday's primary, and the candidates retool for November, we take a look at what happened, and what's coming, focusing on the supervisor's race, the 49th and 50th Congressional districts, the close race in San Diego City Council District 4, and voter turnout.

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Homeless Count Inaccuracies

Elected officials held a presser last month saying the number of people living on the streets in San Diego County had decreased from the year before, citing the annual point-in-time count conducted earlier this year. However, hundreds of people were left out of the count, and the number of people without homes has actually increased since last year. We talk about how this happened and why an accurate count is important.

Questions About Stem Cell Treatment

A San Diego clinic is advertising an enticing, non-surgical treatment option for aching backs, knees and other troubles: stem cell injections. But what the clinic does not mention is the treatment is not FDA-approved. And some doctors say the expensive injections are not a long-term solution.