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Roundtable: Problem Teachers In San Diego

Roundtable: Problem Teachers In San Diego
Roundtable: Removing Problem Teachers From San Diego Schools Isn't Always Easy PANEL: Kelly Davis, freelance reporter Ashly McGlone, investigative reporter, Voice of San Diego Steve Walsh, military reporter, KPBS News

Problem Teachers

Criminal charges against teachers who have sex with students make headlines. But what about complaints of inappropriate touching, comments, even stalking? San Diego teachers who harass students are not always fired. And, as Ashly McGlone from Voice of San Diego reports, sometimes schools agree to keep quiet about the behavior.

End Of Life Option Law In Limbo


A law passed two years ago granting terminally ill people the right to end their lives was overturned in May, leaving many patients in limbo. What are their options? Hundreds of patients have taken advantage of the law since 2016. We talk with freelance reporter Kelly Davis about her personal experience with the state's End of Life Option Act.

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Guilt Study

Veterans face many barriers to treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, and the San Diego Department of Veterans Affairs is studying a new angle: the role guilt plays in keeping ex-service members from seeking treatment. Steve Walsh reports some veterans are wracked with shame and guilt over things they did in battle, and may not believe they deserve to get better.

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