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Roundtable: Gubernatorial Candidates Share Visions For California's Future

Roundtable: Gubernatorial Candidates Share Visions For California's Future
Roundtable: Visions Of California's Future PANEL: Matthew Hall, editorial and opinion director, San Diego Union-Tribune Amita Sharma, reporter, KPBS News Michael Smolens, columnist, San Diego Union-Tribune Maya Srikrishnan, reporter, Voice of San Diego

Governor's Race

What does the future look like for California? As we head into the final weeks before the election, gubernatorial candidates Gavin Newsom and John Cox offer their views of what the California Dream means to them. Republican Cox said the housing crisis can be solved with affordable and plentiful homes achieved through reduced regulation. Democrat Newsom said the California Dream is in serious trouble but can be resuscitated.

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Superior Court Judge Race

San Diego Superior Judge Gary Kreep is up for re-election. He made it through the June Primary with the most votes, despite being censured by the state Commission on Judicial Performance, and a rating of "lacking qualifications" by the San Diego County Bar Association. He was also a "birther," spreading the false idea that former President Obama was not born in the United States. His opponent, Matt Brower, is a deputy district attorney. They both spoke with the San Diego Union-Tribune editorial board.

Migrant Caravan

Another migrant caravan from Central America is heading north, with people looking to escape poverty and violence at home. It has not escaped the notice of President Trump. He called it an "assault on our country" in a tweet Thursday. Reporter Maya Srikrishnan of Voice of San Diego caught up with a few members of the caravan that stopped in Mexico earlier this year.