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Roundtable: San Diego Labor Leadership Change

VIDEO: Roundtable: San Diego Labor Leadership Change
Roundtable: San Diego Labor Leadership Change
Roundtable: San Diego Labor Leadership Change PANEL Michael Smolens, columnist, The San Diego Union-Tribune Alison St John, reporter, KPBS News Amita Sharma, reporter, KPBS News Subscribe to the Roundtable podcast on iTunes, Google Play or your favorite podcatcher.

Union Politics

A leadership change at United Food and Commercial Workers Local 135 marks the end of an era for longtime labor leader Mickey Kasparian. Union members voted to replace him with Todd Walters. In the face of legal challenges and a sexual assault allegation, Kasparian struggled to keep his leadership position in the union. We’ll take a look at the aftermath of the Kasparian vote and what’s going on with the San Diego Democratic Party.

Del Mar Bluffs


All eyes are on the bluffs next to the rail line that runs through Del Mar. After they collapsed several times this year, officials say they are moving forward with an emergency plan. We’ll have a closer look at those safety measures, the price tag and what happens next.

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California Dream

Sunshine, jobs and a home of one’s own. Those are just some of the goals connected to the California Dream, which has meant different things to so many different people. The dream of making it in the Golden State is still alive but it is being challenged at every corner. We look back at the public media collaboration that covered the personal stories and ideas that make up the history, future and current state of the California Dream.

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