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Nora Vargas Discusses Priorities For Southwest San Diego County

Nora Vargas in this undated campaign photo.
Campaign photo
Nora Vargas in this undated campaign photo.
In the District 1 San Diego County Supervisors race, Nora Vargas leads her opponent Sen. Ben Hueso by 30,000 votes.

After being represented by the same Republican for 25 years, residents of San Diego County’s District 1, which covers the southwest portion of the county and includes Chula Vista, will soon have a new representative on the Board of Supervisors who is a Democrat.

Democrat Nora Vargas leads her opponent and fellow Democrat Sen. Ben Hueso, by 30,000 votes. Once the election results are certified and Vargas is sworn in, she'll be the first Latina on the board.

Vargas is the president of the Southwestern Community College governing board and worked as an executive with Planned Parenthood for 20 years.


She joins Midday Edition on Tuesday to discuss her priorities on the board.