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What rights do tenants have against illegal eviction in California?

Cristina Kim
People hold signs in support of the no-fault evictions moratorium in front of City Hall. San Diego, Calif. April 4, 2022.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta issued recent legal guidance in response to a rise in illegal eviction lockouts along with a call for law enforcement to intervene.

Nearly 1.5 million renters in California are at risk of eviction. In San Diego County, the Legal Aid Society said it is seeing a surge of people who have been evicted by their landlords illegally.

Gilberto Vera who is a senior attorney with the Legal Aid Society of San Diego joined Midday Edition to talk about some of the illegal tactics landlords are using to evict tenants and what rights renters have.


Tenant's rights information can be found on the Legal Aid Society of San Diego's website. Here are direct links to information about the no-fault eviction moratorium and the nonpayment of rent eviction moratorium.