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LGBTQ activist honored in San Diego

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Big Mike Phillips
San Diego activist Nicole Murray Ramirez in Hillcrest holding a street sign that reads: "Honorary Nicole Ramirez Murray Way" in this photo from Dec. 3, 2022.

He is the honorary mayor of Hillcrest, and a champion of social justice for the Latino and gay community, and just about any other marginalized group he feels needs representation and respect.

Nicole Murray Ramirez was recognized by the City of San Diego last Saturday Dec. 3, with a portion of Harvey Milk Street in Hillcrest designated as “Honorary Nicole Murray Ramirez Way.”

That is an honor the city reserves for a person who has performed an exemplary act or achievement of lasting interest to their community reflecting positively on San Diego.


Murray Ramirez joined Midday Edition Tuesday to talk about his continuing fight for equality and representation.