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The 'backstory:' new book sheds light on complicated history of butts

Photo of Heather Radke who authored Butts: A Backstory
Heather Radke
Photo of Heather Radke who authored Butts: A Backstory

It’s one of those things you either obsess over or never really think about at all. Whether you think yours is too big or too small or that the size of your clothes never seems to cover it right, there’s a complicated history behind what we think of our butts. 

RadioLab reporter Heather Radke explores that in her new book called, "Butts: A Backstory."

"There's this idea that the big butt is associated with a hypersexual woman or sexiness in all of these different ways," Radke said when talking about modern perceptions of butts and how stereotypes are perpetuated through music and social media.


She joined Midday Edition on Tuesday to talk about the complex history of those stereotypes and how it even impacts how clothes fit our diverse bodies.