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Helping Pakistanis, Now Iranians

This New York Times story, which caught my eye, is another shining example of what kind of men and women we have serving in our armed forces. A United States Navy ship rescued eight Iranian fishermen from a burning boat in the Arabian Sea; gave them food, water and fresh clothing; and delivered them to an Iranian naval vessel two days later.

Our military is repeatedly showing its humanitarian side by giving assistance to flood-ravaged Pakistanis, and now Iranians trapped in a burning fishing boat. Despite the negative rhetoric we so often hear from inside Pakistan and Iran, we are there to help when needed.

After the boat was sighted, two SH-60 helicopters from the Antisubmarine Squadron of the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group were sent to pick up the fishermen, who had abandoned their boat and were on a life raft, the Times reported.

The Iranians were taken by helicopter to the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman, where they were examined by doctors who determined that they were in good condition with no significant injuries. They were assigned temporary sleeping quarters aboard the carrier while the Iranian authorities arranged to pick them up, according to the Times.

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