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Positive Reaction to '60 Minutes' Piece on San Diego's Stand Down for Vets

Blogger reaction to the "60 Minutes" piece last night on Veterans Village of San Diego's annual three-day Stand Down event for veterans

On the Delicacies blog, a blogger who identifies herself as Walker, whose son is in the military, says that while she never watches '60 Minutes', last night for some reason she decided to turn it on and watch the story about Stand Down. "I cried through much of the story," she writes. "I'm anti-war, anti-military. We fought someone else's war in the 60?s and 70?s and we're doing it again now. And, look at what is happening. As a result of their service for our country many are now homeless, divorced, single, struggling from post-traumatic stress disorder, addicted and all suffering. And, what are we doing for them today? Not nearly enough."

On the blog, Patty Jones writes that 947 homeless veterans had a safe haven for three days, then "879 of them walked back out and 68, picked by lottery, won a bed in the Veterans Village Treatment Center. It's wonderful, and sad.'


On the viajero8 blog, Chris Ferraro says that however you may feel about the '60 Minutes' piece, "you have to believe in the amazing intentions of the Stand Down program. It is disgraceful that our government cannot provide for those that serve to protect it."

Huffington Post reports that while the Stand Down event's "clean, safe and empathetic environment can't fix the problems homeless veterans face, the event serves as a 'ceasefire' to show vets that they aren't alone."