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Popular Author Gives $250K Ferrari to Veterans Village of San Diego

Patricia Cornwell on the red carpet
Patricia Cornwell on the red carpet

Veterans Village of San Diego (VVSD), the San Diego organization that was recently the subject of a flattering piece on "60 Minutes" for its tireless support of veterans in need, just announced that international bestselling author Patricia Cornwell has donated her 2005 Limited Edition Ferrari Superamerica, appraised at $250,000, to VVSD. She made the announcement this morning on Good Morning America.

Cornwell was just recently profiled on this blog for her launching of "America For Vets" to support VVSD with in-kind toiletries donations for our programs, especially the Veterans Winter Shelter. Biut with this donation, she's one-upped herself. VVSD has commissioned Menish Auctions to hold the fundraising auction on December 9 in Boston, but bidders can participate online, as well. The auction will be conducted by Bill Menish of San Diego. Details can be found at this site. In a statement today, Cornwell said:

In a statement today, VVSD President/CEO Phil Landis said: