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Daily Report: Naval Hospital Death, Battle Scars, Dad's Grief, CIA, VFW and more

Family angered by son's overdose death at naval hospital - Lance Cpl. Ezequiel Freire got out of Afghanistan alive, but the 20-year-old died of a toxic cocktail of powerful narcotics and sedatives as he was awaiting chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Battlefield scars - New studies needed to examine links between PTSD, concussions in vets. A father's grief - "The Marines knocked on my door at 10:06 p.m. When I opened the door, I knew what was up." Cryptome exposes CIA hypnosis programs - During the Cold War, CIA used deep hypnosis to create unwitting double agents and implant secret communications in their brains. VFW or American Legion or both? - I'm looking for a way to get involved in some volunteer activities and can't decide if I should join the VFW or American Legion or both.