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Daily Report: Pre-Deployment Screening, Wounded Go Golfing, Leaving Afghanistan, Marine For Life, Vietnam Vets

Screening troops for psychiatric disorders before deployment - Following the assessments by mental-health experts, soldiers were either allowed to be deployed in war zones or their deployment assignments were canceled. San Diego area's wounded warriors take to the greens - Fourteen wounded warriors from Naval Medical Center San Diego's Balboa Warrior Athlete Program (BWAP) played golf this month at Naval Base San Diego in a program that helps wounded service members bring back their level of function and independence in their daily lives. It's time to consider leaving Afghanistan - Republican Grover Norquist is calling for a 'conversation' among conservatives on the possibility of withdrawing from Afghanistan. Marine For Life provides post-corps jobs - The Marine For Life program allows Marines to make the transition easier by helping them find jobs, colleges and opportunities. Go to or call 866-645-8762. US veterans help Vietnam find war-era mass grave - American veterans of the Vietnam War have helped the Communist country locate a mass grave of 81 of its soldiers who died in battle more than 40 years ago.