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How To Find a Job After Leaving The Military

America's veterans ' especially our young veterans ' are struggling to find work. Young vets had a jobless rate of nearly 12 percent in December, compared with 9.4 percent in November, according to the Labor Department. But the North County Times and other sources are reporting that veterans employment organizations and advocates insist the unemployment rate is actually much higher, particularly for combat Marines and soldiers who enter the civilian world with few marketable job skills.

U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis vowed during a visit to Camp Pendleton recently to step up efforts to put veterans to work. While at Pendleton, she said: "A lot of our young recruits coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan are finding it very hard and frustrating because they can't find a job. We pledge to leave no soldier behind."

The good news is there are numerous organizations and websites that are dedicated to finding jobs for America's veterans. Here are just some of the many resources for veterans to find employment, even in these tough times:

Advertisement founder Mark Baird, who lives near Camp Pendleton, has these tips for veterans looking for work in this difficult economy.