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Daily Report: Military Dogs' Rehab, Suicide Up In Guard, VA Improvements, Vietnam Rememberance, Marines vs. Army

Hospital helps injured military dogs through rehab - The $15 million facility run by the Department of Defense has been called the 'Walter Reed' for dogs.

Suicides doubled among Army National Guardsmen - Major General Raymond Carpenter, acting director of Army National Guard, said more than half of the suicides in his branch were by soldiers who never deployed. AFP

Positive changes coming at VA West Los Angeles - The most noteworthy modernization plans call for construction of a new inpatient tower (clinical expansion) and the collocation of VA regional office staff onto WLA grounds, offering veterans comprehensive services in one location. VA


Vietnam veterans' tribute to include complete picture of era - Heroes Homecoming is planned from Nov. 4 through Nov. 13, and 60 events already are booked over the 10-day affair.

Differences between combat and missions of Marines and Army? - Marines are specialists in air assault and amphibious operations. Combat Zone