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Mubarak's Speech: Read it Here

It was breaking news on NPR this morning: Egyptian military leaders assured protesters that President Hosni Mubarak would be meeting their demands (i.e. resigning). But Mubarak didn't play along. For hours after the military's proclamation, the world waited with baited breath for Mubarak to speak, assuming that he would announce his resignation.

Instead, he all but sang the Dream Girls torch song, "And I Telling You I'm Not Going." According to the Voice of America, Mubarak said in a televised speech broadcast to the world that he's staying put until elections in September. Oh, and he'll transfer some of his powers to his vice-president. The swelling crowd in Tahrir Square that planned to party like it was 1999 in anticipation of Mubarak's departure, well, I'm guessing those folks aren't so happy. Let's just hope things stay as peaceful as possible. Click here if you want to read a transcript of the speech, courtesy of Reuters.