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Camp Pendleton Marine on Transplant Waiting List (Video)

He's depending on the kindness of strangers, something that's not easy for Sgt. Jake Chadwick, a 23-year-old Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton. Chadwick is young, happily married, and a new father to 4-month-old Ella. He's also on the waiting list for a new kidney at U.C. San Diego Medical Center, reports the Los Angeles Daily News.

Chadwick served a year in Iraq before returning home to Camp Pendleton where he's stationed. A series of doctors visits prompted by Chadwick's mysterious headaches lead to the discovery that he was in kidney failure. No one in his family is a match to donate a kidney.

San Diego's NBC affiliate, KNSD, put together a video package on Chadwick's story. You can watch it here: