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Iraq War Veteran Now a Seminole in the Sweet 16

Bernard James
Getty Images
Bernard James

Bernard James has become somewhat of a household name in recent weeks, thanks to his stellar performance in NCAA's March Madness tournament. The 26-year-old James is a junior at Florida State, and the Seminoles have made it to the Sweet 16 after knocking off Notre Dame last weekend.

The battle for basketball greatness might be the biggest fight many of James's teammates will face. But James has already gone head-to-head against a more terrifying enemy than a top-seeded college team. James was a high-school dropout with a GED when he joined the Air Force in 2002. He was deployed to Iraq, according to the Tuscon Citizen:

James served six years in the Air Force. The San Antonio Express-News reports it was in the military where he honed his basketball skills.


James will get a chance to attract more praise tonight. The Seminoles, with James as forward, will play against Virginia Commonwealth in San Antonio for a spot in the Elite 8, at 9:55 p.m. EDT.