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Video of "Ridiculously Adorable" Animals, Courtesy of the Military

Armed with Science, the weekly webcast that highlights all the interesting ways the military uses science, is its audience this week with downright adorable critters on video. Or, as the webcast puts it, "ridiculously adorable arctic animals." If you think is smushy talk coming from the military, check out this description:

Squee-worthy? Never heard that term before, but it tempted me to check out the cuddle-worthy creatures. And I'll be honest with you. I squeed.

Lt. Cmdr. John Woods (who teaches at the U.S. Naval Academy) is the tough guy who captured the animals on video in Greenland. He's part of NASA's IceBridge mission, which is a six-year undertaking to survey our planet's polar ice.


OK, without further ado, the adorable Arctic animal video: