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Three Cups of Tea Controversy a Problem for the Military?

What do Gen. David Petraeus, Joint Chief of Staffs chairman Mike Mullen, and Adm. Eric Olson all have in common, besides having risen to the very top of their game as military officers? According to Wired, all three are big fans of the book by Greg Mortenson. Yep - the very book that's come under fire after a 60 Minutes investigation showed the so-called memoir is filled with inaccuracies - and that Mortenson even made up parts of it. USA Today reports:

has become an international best seller, andaccording to 60 Minutes, the book is a must-read for servicemembers heading to Afghanistan. The New York Times reports Pentagon officials have refused, so far, to publicly comment on the controversy, but an anonymous military source told the paper:

Have you read ? Do you think the message of the book is stronger than the controversy over its inaccuracies?