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Navy Fires San Diego Commodore Over Alleged Improper Relationship

The Navy has fired Capt. Donald Hornbeck, commodore of San Diego-based Destroyer Squadron 1 (part of the USS Carl Vinson strike group) while it investigates an alleged inappropriate relationship - according to a news release from the Navy. The firing happened Saturday while the Vinson Strike Group was deployed in the Arabian Sea. The Navy has reassigned Hornbeck to Third Fleet Headquarters in San Diego while it completes its investigation.

San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Jeanette Steele has an interesting take on the Navy's news release, noting:

The Navy isn't tipping its hand at all in terms of what kind of relationship is alleged, and with whom. The Navy Times reports that Destroyer Squadron 1's deputy commodore, Capt. John Steinberger, is taking over command during the investigation.