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Who Ya Gonna Call? Navy SEAL Busters!

It's been more than six weeks since Navy SEAL Team 6 killed Osama bin Laden and became the stuff of legends. So you'd think the number of men pretending to be Navy SEALS in order to soak up their own fifteen minutes of fame would be on the decline. Not so, according to the Washington Post.

Last month Home Post brought you a story about the proliferation of phony Navy SEALs in the immediate wake of the Osama bin Laden take down. Turns out, the folks who make it their business to out phony Navy SEALs are still quite busy.

According to the Washington Post:


The man and woman who've taken it upon themselves to be SEAL-busters are Mary and Chuck Schantag, who run a website called the P.O.W. Network. They ousted the Renaissance fair jousting promoter, and the Georgia televangelist, among others. And then, as Home Post reported last month, there's, which lists servicemember impostors. According to San Diego TV station KFMB, has exposed more than 35,000 SEAL impostors.