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Is Our Military Spread Too Thin? New Poll Says Yes

Almost three-quarters of American voters believe our military needs to reduce the number of overseas wars we're tangled up in, according to a new poll conducted by The Hill. The survey finds 72 percent of those polled say the United States military is engaged in too many foreign conflicts and needs to step it back. Just 16 percent say the U.S. military is involved in the right number of foreign entanglements.

Another interesting finding of The Hill poll: 37 percent of those surveyed say the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan aren't making Americans any safer, and 17 percent say these wars are making us less safe.

According to The Hill, the poll shows Americans are experiencing "war fatigue":


Pulse Opinion Research conducted the poll for the Hill on June 16.

So, what do you think about the findings of this poll? Do you think our military is involved in too many foreign conflicts?