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Marine Reacts to Getting Date with Mila Kunis (Video)

For those of you who are tired of the Mila Kunis date saga, I apologize. It's just so rarely that I come across a truly feel good story coming out of Afghanistan, and this one just keeps getting better.

To catch you up: Afghanistan-based Marine Sgt. Scott Moore dreamed of having actress Mila Kunis accompany him to his Marine Corps Ball on November 18 in Greensville, North Carolina. Moore put his desire into action, and shot a video of himself in Helmand province (one of the most dangerous places in the world) asking the "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star for a date.

Moore posted that video on YouTube, and with the help of wingman Justin Timberlake, Kunis agreed to be his date to the ball.


The Washington Post blog Celebritology interviewed Sgt. Moore about his turn of good fortune. He told the blog:

As of this writing, Moore's video has garnered almost 815,000 views on YouTube. Take a look below if you haven't seen it yet: