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Rapper Insults Military in Song, Veteran Provides Smack Down (Video)

The ironically-named rapper Soulja-Boy Tell 'Em is stirring up controversy for the anti-Army lyrics in his new song "Let's Be Real." A video of the song appeared on the internet over the weekend, and has earned the ire of military supporters everywhere.

The video is up on YouTube, and you can click here to watch. I have to warn you, pretty much all the language in the song is offensive.

The anti-Army lyrics are as follows:

L.A. County Veteran's Advisory Commissioner and retired Marine Fred A. Flores had a quick response for Soulja Boy. Florez told the website TMZ:

MTV is now reporting that Soulja Boy has apologized in a letter sent to to website Global Grind:

Do you accept his apology? Or is it too little, too late?

One of my favorite military blogs, Battle Rattle, posted this YouTube video of Marines dancing to Soulja Boy's only hit song, "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" at the Marine Corps Ball back in 2009. As Battle Rattle pointed out:

For the record, I'm posting the video because the Marines are such good dancers: