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Double-Amputee Troop Skydives with Military Dog (Video)

An unnamed servicemember who goes by the YouTube handle 2004vmc posted a video of himself skydiving with his military working dog Axe. 2004vmc didn't let the fact that he lost both his feet in combat get in the way.

He told DefenseTech:

"For those who haven't heard, I was blown up, with my [military working dog], Axe, Feb 17th of this year. I lost both of my feet, and was back to work in July."

2004vmc wrote on his YouTube channel that he's still in the military, although he doesn't specify which branch:

"I am still in, and in New Mexico right now, training they guys up to go back to ass-crack-i-stan. I'll retire in July 2015. And my boy goes EVERY WHERE with me! lol! He rode in my side car on my 2000 Road king from NC to NY, and from NC to MO!"

Check out this amazing and inspiring video:

Double-Amputee Troop Skydives with Military Dog (Video)