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No More "Birth Control Glasses" for the Military

Troops call them "Birth Control Glasses" or BCGs because they make the wearer less than sexually appealing to a prospective partner. (See photo at left and make up your own mind.) But from now on, U.S. servicemembers won't have to deal with BCGs. They'll have new eyeglass frames to choose from, according to theNavy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Public Affairs.

Capt. Matt Newton, commanding officer of Naval Ophthalmic Support and Training Activity, says:

The new frame, the 5A frame, will available to all members of the armed forces who are optically challenged during basic training. The military estimates all active duty and Reserve servicemembers will be able to get a hold of the 5A frame within the next six months.

Do you have a funny story to tell about wearing BCGs? How about dating (or not dating) someone who wore BCGs?