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One-Year Anniversary of Operation Tomodachi (Video)

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Operation Tomodachi, the U.S. military's humanitarian mission for the people of Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the island nation on March 11. On that very day, the USS Ronald Reagan headed to Japan to provide any help it could.

The USS Ronald Reagan spent three weeks off the coast of Japan participating in Operation Tomodachi. Reagan commanding officer Capt. Thom Burke later told a group of reporters (and this blogger) that the Reagan crew provided food, water, medicine, and clothing to those left destitute by the earthquake and tsunami. Captain Burke said he personally visited areas wiped out by the tsunami, and described it as a panorama of destruction.

According to a April 2011 Home Post post:


According to the Japan Times, Operation Tomodachi involved 24,000 U.S. service members, 24 naval ships, and 189 aircraft. The total cost: roughly $90 million.

The U.S. Navy put together a video about Operation Tomodachi to illustrate the havoc wreaked by the earthquake and tsunami. It's a very moving piece: