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Supporters of Anti-Obama Marine Plan Rally at Camp Pendleton

Sgt. Gary Stein
Sgt. Gary Stein

Supporters of a Camp Pendleton Marine who's facing dismissal from the service because of anti-Obama Facebook posts are planning a demonstration today. The SoCal Patriots say they'll rally this afternoon at Camp Pendleton's main gate in support of Sgt. Gary Stein.

Jeff Schwilk, founder of SoCal Patriots and a Marine Corps veteran, writes on the So Cal Patriots Facebook page:

All Marines are... taught not to obey unlawful orders. Sgt. Stein’s public re-affirmation of these core Marine Corps and American principles on his Facebook pages should be commended, not punished. This sudden rush to end Sgt. Stein’s honorable 9 year career reeks of political correctness and a possible witch hunt on the part of his superior officers and Commanding General.

Schwilk wrote in an email to Home Post that the rally is a "big show of support" for Sgt. Stein. Stein, founder of the Armed Forces Tea Party, could get kicked out of the Marines for posts he wrote on Facebook saying he would not follow orders from President Barack Obama, his commander-in-chief. Stein later altered his comments to say he would not follow unlawful orders.


Rep. Duncan Hunter, Republican congressman from San Diego County and a Marine veteran, came out today in support Sgt. Stein. He told the Marine Corps Times he doesn't believe Stein should be booted from the Marines:

“I don’t think they should be doing anything... From what I can see, he did he job, he sounds like a smart guy and he’s done well for the Marine Corps. [Stein’s] not sitting there in uniform saluting the flag while he’s saying he won’t follow certain orders — he was speaking as a private citizen.”

The Marine Corps Administrative Separation Board will hold a hearing April 5th at Camp Pendleton to decide whether Sgt. Stein will remain in the Marine Corps - and, if he is dismissed, what kind of discharge he'll receive.