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Who's Poisoning Dogs on Camp Pendeton? (Video)

Dog poisoned at Camp Pendleton
San Diego 6
Dog poisoned at Camp Pendleton

Antifreeze makes the perfect poison - it tastes sweet and is deadly to humans and dogs alike. And families who live on base at Camp Pendleton say someone is using the toxic liquid to poison and kill their dogs.

Marine families have taken to their community website, called Pendleton Underground, to bring the matter to light. Posters say dogs are being poisoned in their own backyards, in both South Mesa and on the west side of the base.

Television station San Diego 6 has been covering this story since word of the poisonings first got out. The news team spoke with the most recent victim of the dog poisoning, named Janessa Pierce. She lost her two dogs Sassy and Zoe to antifreeze poisoning: