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Former Navy SEAL On Combat, Service & His Own Rescue

Marcus Luttrell wanted to be a Navy SEAL since he was a kid. Now a former Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell has written about his experiences in the Middle East,where he was the lone survivor of his four-man team after a fierce and deadly ambush in the hills of Afghanistan. His first book, "Lone Survivor," is also the story of his eventual return to war in Ramadi as a member of SEAL Team 5 in 2006.

Luttrell's new book, "Service: A Navy Seal At War," is the result of his attempt to discover what makes some people, including himself, willing to sacrifice everything, even their own lives, to serve "family, nation and freedom." What is it that makes them walk toward combat, rather than walk away?

"Service" tells the stories of those who rescued him and lets us hear the voices of women married to SEALS, as they talk about the rewards and challenges such marriages impose. He reflects on the men he has seen lose their lives for their country and on the legacy of those who did the same before.