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Zombies Take On Military Funeral Protesters (Video)

Westboro Baptist Church members, best known for protesting military funerals, got more than they bargained for when they held an anti-military demonstration outside Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Seattle on Friday. A well-organized group of more than 300 zombies staged a counter-protest in support of the troops, grabbing the media spotlight so eagerly sought by WBC. You can watch a KIRO-TV report on the protest above.

The zombie demonstrators have now transformed into a Facebook group called "Zombie'ing for our Troops." Organizers hope their spirit of protest catches on around the country:

I have decided that the most violent free way to protest back is simple... a zombie apocalypse...

If they (the military) can stand before us against terrorists in other countries, the least we can do is stand in front of them against terrorists in America.
So Westboro Baptist Church, you've been warned. The undead are not happy with you.