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Military Wives Bare Bodies And Souls For PTSD Awareness (Video)

A military wife whose husband suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder decided to bring awareness to the cause in an unusual way - by baring her body and writing her feelings about PTSD on her own skin for everyone to see:

"Broken by battle, wounded by war, my love is forever to you this I swore. I will quiet your silent screams, help heal your shattered soul until once again, my love, you are whole."

Ashley Wise's words have inspired women across the country to bare their own bodies with words of encouragement and awareness about PTSD. Wise has now started a non-profit group called Battling BARE as a support system for veterans and service members suffering from PTSD - and for the spouses who love them.

Women are encouraged to submit their own photos of their bare backs covered in encouraging and loving words to Battling BARE. For a list of rules to submit, click here.