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Former 29 Palms Marine Pushes Surprising Write-In Candidate For President

Gen. James Mattis speaks to Marines
Gen. James Mattis speaks to Marines

Former Twentynine Palms Marine Matthew Majors has started campaigning for a presidential candidate most civilians have never heard of. In fact, the man Majors is supporting isn't even running for president. But Majors believes Marine Gen. James Mattis, the head of U.S. Central Command, would be a superior leader to both President Obama and Mitt Romney.

Majors (a pseudonym used for privacy) told The Military Times he was inspired to start a Facebook page aptly called "General James Mattis for President" because Obama and Romney aren't being honest with the American electorate.

Majors wrote on his Facebook page that he wants supporters to write in Mattis's name on their ballots:

To those who say that writing the name General Mattis on a ballot is irrelevant and pulls votes from one candidate or the other, I say stand up, be unique, speak your mind, and think critically about what you are doing. Writing the Generals Name is an Objection to the status quo, and that is the career politician.

The career politician that lies to the people to win elections, the career politician who politicizes the service members sacrifices of war [and these two never served], career politicians that cow tow to special interest groups and ignore the their constituencies. I OBJECT to career politicians, and will not vote for them, nor waste the privilege that many died for. Semper Fidelis
As of this writing, Major's Facebook page has more than 1,880 "likes."