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Military Dunk Mistake On Trampoline Goes Viral (Video)

Military Slam Dunk

One U.S. service member is no doubt trying to live down the embarrassment of his NBA slam dunk mistake at the Orlando Magic game against the Phoenix Suns on Sunday night.

Sunday night was Seats for Soldiers night, and military guests had a chance to slam dunk a ball using a trampoline between the first and second quarters of the game.


According to the Orlando Sentinel:

One of the servicemen accidentally caught his hand in the net and tore some of the wiring that attaches to the rim. It took 13 minutes to repair the damage. But that delay actually might have helped the Magic settle their interior defense.

So, there you go! This so-called mistake may have been a covert effort by the serviceman to help the Magic beat the Suns. I bet the Magic fans in the stands weren't complaining...