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Navy SEAL Attempts Pull-Ups Record Again (Video)


Remember the Navy SEAL who attempted to break the Guinness World Record for most pull-ups in a 24-hour period on the Today Show last September? Well, Chula Vista native David Goggins was at it again this weekend, attempting to break the record while visiting his mother in Tennessee.

The Tennessean reports Goggins attempted his feat at the CrossFit Brentwood Hills gym in Brentwood, Tennessee. Goggins started his pull-ups at 8 a.m. on Sunday, with hopes of completing 4,021 pull-ups before 8 a.m. today.


But CrossFit owner Nandor Tamaska told The Tennessean that Goggin's skin was torn off his palms during the Herculean effort, and he was able to complete (just?) 2,203 pull-ups:

“He still had the strength with every pull-up he did, but the injury was just too much for him to continue. That’s just something you can’t train for. It was a good effort."

Goggins, 37, also fell short of his goal last September on the Today Show, when the bar he used began to sag, injuring his wrist. However, he was still able to raise more than $24,000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a charity that awards full scholarships to the children of fallen servicemen who served in Special Operations.