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Camp Pendleton Marine Pleads Guilty To Killing Fellow Marine

Lance Cpl. Mario Arias
Andie Parrish
Lance Cpl. Mario Arias

Camp Pendleton Marine Lance Cpl. Darren Evans has pleaded guilty in the 2011 beating death of his roommate, Lance Cpl. Mario Arias.

Camp Pendleton Patch reports Evans told a military judge during a plea hearing this week that although he did not remember committing the crime, the overwhelming amount of forensic evidence (including his fingerprints on the murder weapon) persuaded him that he was the perpetrator:

“Based on that, I am convinced I did this.”

Toxicology reports show Evans was drunk when he committed the crime, and Evans has attributed his heavily intoxicated state to not being able to remember the night of the murder.


The judge will hand down his sentence for Evans later this month. According to Camp Pendleton Patch, Evans faces life in prison, a dishonorable discharge, a reduction in rank to E-1, and forfeiture of pay.

As Home Post previously reported, the 19-year-old Arias was found dead in his Camp Pendleton barracks on November 6, 2011. Evans attacked Arias with the claw end of a crowbar, which left the victim with nine different head wounds.

After Evans beat Arias to death, he jumped from the third-floor of the barracks - either to escape or to commit suicide. Evans was hospitalized for weeks with injuries sustained in the fall.

Arias, a Los Angeles native, was assigned to the Marine Light Attack Helicopter Training Squadron 303, Marine Aircraft Group 39, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing. He served as an air-crew trainee.