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Winning Lottery Ticket Bought At Naval Base San Diego Expires Today

California Lottery

A MEGA Millions lottery ticket worth $170,827 sold at Naval Base San Diego on September 14, 2012 expires today.

If the winner doesn't come forward, according to the California lottery, the money will go to California public schools.

As Home Post reported back in September, the winning ticket was purchased at Escape Snack Bar at 3360 32nd Street on Naval Base San Diego.


The ticket had five of the six winning numbers - 40, 21, 51, 16, and 17, missing only the Mega number of 20.

The California lottery's 180-day period to officially claim the ticket's winnings ends at 5 p.m. today. If you suddenly figure out that you actually have the ticket, the folks at the lottery have some advice:

[I]mmediately sign the back of it, keep it in a safe place and contact Lottery officials or visit your local Lottery District Office as soon as possible. The nearest Lottery District Office to where this ticket was sold is located at 5656 Ruffin Road in San Diego. The phone number for the office is (858) 492-1700.

Are you looking through your wallet yet?