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Disabled Dog Welcomes Home Airman From Deployment (Video)

Emma The Pit Mix Welcomes Home Airman

Emma the pit bull mix is unable to use her back legs due to a disorder called hemivertebrae. But that didn't stop her from welcoming her Airman dad home from deployment with as much enthusiasm as an able-bodied pooch.

Melissa Swanson posted video of the reunion on YouTube, writing:

Emma and her daddy were very close! It broke her heart when he left. When I come in the door, she normally sits at the end of the hallway and waits for me to pick her up. This time, when her daddy came in, she went to him!

Emma is already a bit of a celebrity. She has her own Facebook page with more than 10,000 fans. Swanson created the page to create awareness for the organization from where Emma was adopted - Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation (SNARR).