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Police Looking For Suspect Who Disfigured Camp Pendleton Marine (Video)


A Camp Pendleton Marine was savagely beaten at a Santa Monica nightclub, and police are hoping the public will help them find the man responsible.

The Marine is still recovering from the February assault that disfigured his face and knocked him unconscious. "Ryan" told KCBS-TV he doesn't remember the attack:

“The last thing I remember is being on the dance floor and then I have a flash of waking up on the sidewalk, blood everywhere. And the next thing I know I wake up in the hospital.”

Santa Monica police say the Marine was sucker-punched by the suspect. Despite the fact it's been several months since the assault, Detective Karen Thompson says she won't give up on the case:

"This guy, the victim, is a Marine and he is out there risking his life to protect this country. It just was not right that this could happen to him."

CBS News reports the police are using crowdsourced sleuthing technology to try and find out the identity of the suspect. The FBI used similar technology to discover the identities of the Boston Marathon bombers.

To see what the suspect looks like, check out the video posted up top.