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Military Commissaries To Close Mondays Due To Sequestration

Military commissary in Virginia.
Defense Commissary Agency
Military commissary in Virginia.

The effects of sequestration are about to hit home for many military families. The Defense Commissary Agency announced today most military commissaries will soon be closed on Mondays.

The civilian employees who work at the commissaries will receive furlough notices starting May 28, a consequence of sequestration cuts. Defense Commissary Agency CEO Joseph H. Jeu explained:

“We know that any disruption in commissary operations will impact our patrons. Also, we understand the tremendous burden this places on our employees, who, when furloughed, will lose 20 percent of their pay...<br><br>“We determined that Monday closures would present the least pain for our patrons, employees and industry partners."
The Monday closures take place between July 8 and September 30.

For the 148 commissaries that are already routinely closed on Mondays, they will be closed the "next normal day of operation," meaning Tuesday.

To find out about the schedule of your military commissary, click here.